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Motivation to create a Hairnet - Salon Utopia

--> My first hairdresser was my mother, and between her knees my hair was transformed from wild, wild hair to a tame ‘do of braids that looked more “presentable” for school. It was early in my life, at the age of 10, the time that many psychologists believe that personality is set, that I entered the world of the salon. I have fruitlessly looked for a “perfect” salon for about 16 years now. Salon Utopia on the web gives me a chance to create what I have come to believe as a perfect salon experience. As time has passed I have gained many skills, some of them have to do with self-hairdressing, many of them have to do with the media. I have learned how to create stories and information in various media formats, such as sound, video, still photographs, journalistic and academic writing. There is nothing like the web that I am aware of that exists that makes it possible to bring together all these formats. The web makes it possible for me to exercise many of the skills I have learned …
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Dream Hair

Happy New Year Everyone! I'm having a quiet evening at home listening to Erykah Badu right now. I still have to read Jill Scott's poetry book and I hope to get through it before the end of this evening. Speaking of Jill Scott, here is a picture of her included in this blog post. This is my dream hair. I am hoping that my hair gets to this fullness and length by the end of 2011 and just keeps growing beyond that. I would keep my hair black though, with the bit of accepted gray coming in :-). I am getting there.

Happy New Year!

Robbin Melton Making Hair Hot

I must share with you all about this wonderful product that I got from my friend/research participant Robbin Melton who is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a "cocoawhip" as she calls it and it is shea butter with cocoa butter added. It is absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend that you get some and you contact her at: The shea butter has been a lifesaver to me. She whips it up within a day and sends it out to you really fast! She is great! She has also been an extremely valuable research participant for my politics of black hair online study.
I got a chance to strut my stuff (thanks to my former terrific professor Mr. Frajkor) at a National Ethnic Media Council of Canada function at the Cypriot Community Centre in Toronto with the shea in my hair. This picture I am including is not how I looked that night, however as you can see - the product really can improve the health of your hair.
I also wore Robbin's product when I went to my niece Os…

New Hairdo!

Hello everyone,

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged. I have been wanting to do something different with my hair for a long time. I get really tired of wearing it in a bun or tying it up in a conservative fashion. Perhaps it is the fact that I am reaching 40 in two years that makes me think of doing something more hip and easier to deal with. I have been thinking of locks for a long time and I found the thin ones did not look good on me, just like a thin body does not particularly look good on me either. I'm reading an amazing book called The Fat Studies Reader that I saw a fellow thesis group colleague with in Dr. Lance McCready's circle at OISE/University of Toronto.

So...I thought about going back to the woman Charmaine who did my hair back in August. Then I thought of calling another woman named Charmaine who comes to your home. Then I thought, I spent years and years doing my own hair in my 20s and 30s...why stop now? It seems to be working, actually I know it is …

The Politics of Black Hair Online Course Book

Hello everyone,

Soon...The Politics of Black Hair Online Course Book will be published through I'm really looking forward to this work. It is a compilation of discussions that have been on-going over a 7-week period of time from July 19th to August 29th. The discussions have been part of my research on the politics of black hair in education. I will be doing a discourse analysis of the research as part of my dissertation work. Here is a sneak peak at the cover of the book.

On Hiatus

Hello everyone!

I am on a brief hiatus from this blog until the online politics of black hair course finishes up at the end of August.